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Common questions and answers
Question: when do i get billed?

Answer: You will be billed on the 15th every month for YOUR toy box.

Question: When will MY toy box be shipped?

Answer: When you originally subscribe to YOUR toy box it will usually be shipped within a week. It will be shipped at the end of the month every month after that. If your box is taking longer than usual to ship it may be because inventory is running low on your chosen preferences. Emailing me with additional preferences can help speed up the process.

Question: How can i edit MY preferences?

Answer: YOUR preferences cannot be changed on the website. If you like to make a change to YOUR preferences just send us an email with the changes and we will make a note on your profile. If you cannot remember the preferences just click on subscribe to see them all but do not click on checkout or you will order another box.

Question: Why have I not received a toy from one of my chosen preferences?

Answer: We sometimes run low on stock on certain preferences., This is why we ask you choose at least 5 preferences. We will try our hardest to give you a toy from each chosen preference.